Churchill Downs Information

Here are the details you need to know before your first day to work:

  • Solid black pants ( if they have belt loops you will need a black belt )
  • Solid black shoes, preferably non-skid ( can be tennis shoes, if completely black-no insignia )
  • Tux shirt - provided by the band (info. will be coming about distribution)
  • Black Bow-tie - provided by the band
  • Hair pulled back if below shoulders
  • No jewelry except watch, and no bigger than nickel size post earrings ( for ladies only )
Do not bring purses, backpacks into work. There is no where to store them.  Only bring in what you can fit in your pockets ( everything brought in will be searched )

Meals - Churchill will provide us with a meal before we begin work and then 1 meal during our work shift, so there should be no need for $$

You may bring  a cell phone in your pocket, but this is only for an absolute emergency.

  • It may not be answered anywhere that guests can see you.
  • You need to tell all family and friends not to call while you are here unless it is an emergency. This includes calling friends working that day
Parking will be at Papa John's Stadium with a shuttle that runs every half hour to the Downs.
The shuttle will cost $5.00 per person and Mr. Shepherd or the Cooksey's will hand each person $5.00 provided by the band.

For those of you who cannot meet at Ballard to carpool, Mr. Shepherd will have directions coming about where to park and enter the Downs.

Carpooling will take place from Ballard parking lot 1 1/2 hours before each shift begins.
  • Please note beginning and ending shift times on worker list attached.
  • All should carpool if possible as this will get us there at the same time and kids won't be driving home at 1am!
Most of all bring a great attitude and a big smile. ( and really comfortable shoes!)

We are serving customers of Churchill Downs and Levy's Restaurants expect us to serve with respect and decorum!

We have 107 ballard band volunteers for this fundraiser!!! Beyond Belief!! Way to go Band Families and Students!!

If we all show up on time to each shift we will make $13,375.00 for our band to use next year!!

If we are all dressed appropriately and on time... We can even get a bonus and we will be offered this opportunity for years to come.

Please let us know if there are any corrections to the worker roster and email with any questions

Thanks so much for every one's support and time and great attitudes

Laura Cooksey

P.S. If you have an emergency and cannot come to work your shift, you need to contact Mark or Laura Cooksey at 432-0550 or 836-1136
Joseph Slone,
Apr 27, 2011, 6:21 PM