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posted Oct 24, 2015, 7:26 AM by Ballard Band



This show explores the ideas that something set into motion WILL remain in motion INDEFINITELY.  Its like the underlying HEARTBEAT that PUMPS energy and life through out the performance.  There is always something, somewhere in the show that is always ACTIVE - NO REST - NEVER STATIC.


Just found this  and would suggest that we all make it our personal goal for full performances and for every repetition!


"For the next 8 minutes, I am invincible.  Just me and 84 other people, nothing else matter.  I will hit every note, every step, and nobody can stop me. Nothing can stop me. Fro these 8 minutes, this is my world. This is my field."

 Chains of Reaction-

 The Fanfare sets the show in motion - emotional quality - DRIVING - DETERMINED - ACTIVE - HOPEFUL - RELENTLESS


 That brief moment of PRIDE in accomplishing the impossible!  I nice comfortable breath of fresh air!  Total security in ones personal being!


 Melancholy - the reflective times with friends or loved ones that is so totally natural and relaxed, all the while appreciating how special these people are to the total make up of your life.  Warmth in the appreciation of all the people in your life that have made ANY impact on you - GOOD, NEUTRAL, and BAD - all rolled up in to one reflective memory.


Mystery, intrigue leading to a remarkable discovery of our collective inner strength.  Evolving and becoming a solid statement CONFIDENCE - ACCOMPLISHMENT - PRIDE - POWER- STRENGTH.

See you soon!

Hope this helps - I know it has been helpful for me!