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posted Oct 22, 2015, 6:13 AM by Ballard Band

Good Evening,


Please review the attached itinerary fro Saturday.

Please note the following very well.

Weather: There are chances for rain and cooler temperatures, please bring appropriate layers.

Building: Due to ACT testing and ALL-STATE Choral auditions the building is going to be very busy. Please make appropriate arrangements to be in the DESIGNATED ONLY areas! 

ONCE ON CAMPUS - NOBODY LEAVES CAMPUS independently from the full band unit!

Please eat a nutritious breakfast.  Please bring $5 for Pizza lunch or bring a sack lunch for the meal in the courtyard.  Please bring money for snacks at the concession stands.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS: We are asking that we assist the Uniform "Moms" in the process of loading uniforms on the trailer.  We would like to roll the carts around to have students gather uniforms from the north door to eliminate additional student traffic in and around the ACT testing areas!

STUDENTS:  Once we release from the Football Game on Friday, please be sure ALL Uniform Items are put away correctly and accounted for to make the uniform loading process more efficient.

UNIFORM DRESSING:  We will travel in comfortable clothes to Centerville and have time to change into full uniform on sight.  We will need to use the buses for changing facilities, so please dress appropriately to change on of the buses.

Looking forward to the rehearsal tomorrow!

Best and Good Night,


Ballard Band,
Oct 22, 2015, 6:13 AM