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Band Notes October 5 - It's Butler Invitational Weekend!

posted Oct 6, 2015, 5:21 PM by Ballard Band

Hope everyone has had a great mini break!

Its Competition Week and I am so excited to get back in to working on our show!  We've got new elements to put into the Opener and final preparation on the Ballad as our focus elements this week for Butler!

Please look over the Band Notes (attached) as a reminder of the rehearsals and events for this week!  Lots of work to do and great fall weather to keep everybody fully charged in the rehearsal process.

FOCUS ON THE DETAILS is the NAME of the GAME!  How good is my music memorization?  How detail is my horn angle and physical alignment?  Do I really know every more from memory - COLD!!!

In everything we do this week, ask yourself if your most recent rehearsal / performance run is good enough to be your most MEMORABLE  and the BEST you can give!  ACTIVE PARTICIAPATION IN PERFORFORMANCE is needed from EVERYONE! (All this goes without saying, but THERE "I SAID IT!"

Parent / Helpers:      please check when we need you assistance this week too, to manage the Front Ensemble and Guard Props. We really CANNOT do it with out you!

Lastly Parents, it is BRING A BRUIN BUDDY to BUTLER weekend! I encourage you to invite somebody to a marching competition that has never been before to see and marvel at all the hard work and commitment of the band  and to cheer them on as they perform!



Ballard Band,
Oct 6, 2015, 5:22 PM