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Band Notes August 3-8, 2015

posted Aug 3, 2015, 6:33 AM by Ballard Band


We’re in the home stretch!

·      What a WILD two weeks it’s been! I tell the kids often to on focus on “what they can control”.  And to their credit, they have been doing a marvelous job! Marching ability is WAY ahead of schedule, and those summer chops are fading away nicely.  Although you could read the “I’m exhausted” on their faces by this past Friday, the band found a way to finish the week strong.  It’s going to be a great year!

 One more week to go…

·      The last week of camp is the opportunity to catapult into the school year with a great deal of drill painted and music learned.  We need all students present to get the drill set and to begin putting it all together. 

·     Registration will also be going on this week.  I understand that it’s important to get your schedule, lockers, and pay your course fees. But as soon as you are finished, head outside and let’s get more accomplished! The schedule for registration week is listed in the week events attachment.  I’ve highlighted what times would be optimal to complete registration in bold font. 

What will each student need for this week?

·      Each student will need the following:

o   PERSONAL WATER COOLER – I can’t stress this one enough.

o   A hat to protect your head from the sun.

o   A nutritious lunch – every day. (NO STUDENT MAY LEAVE CAMPUS)

o   Dot Book (If you’re unsure what to get – ask a vet)

o   Pencil

o   Music Folders/Binders


o   Personal resolve (maybe the most important thing.  Let’s get this done!)

DCI Finals Trip – This Saturday!

·      The itinerary for the trip is the second page of the attachment.   We’re going to enjoy beautiful weather AND some awesome performances!

·      A couple of reminders:

o   If you have a medication that you have to take during our trip, it needs to be in THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER and placed in a Zip-Lock baggie.  Those of you with inhalers or epi pens that you are allowed to keep on your person, you need to make the chaperone aware that you have it and PHYSICALLY SHOW IT TO ME before we leave.  I do not gamble with your health – plan ahead.

o   NO ONE GETS ON THE BUS WITHOUT UP-TO-DATE MEDICAL FORMS COMPLETE WITH INSURANCE CARD.  Again, I do not gamble with your health – get it all in, NOW. 

o   Eat a big lunch! You’ll need it.  We will be eating dinner in Indy around 4:00 PM.  There will be options: Subway, Penn Station, Steak n’ Shake, etc. Bring at least $10.00 for food.  If you would like anything beyond that (t-shirts, videos, giant Cokes from concessions), you’ll need to bring more.

o   We will walk a couple of miles on this day! Wear tennis shoes that support your feet!!!

The “New Director Search”

·      As soon as I have information about what happens next, I will immediately forward it on to everyone.  I have not heard any updates yet, so unfortunately there’s nothing to report.  Dr. Eddleman  (principal) and Ms. Lewis (district music supervisor) will definitely collect an outstanding field of applicants and we’ll be moving right along in no time.  You are very fortunate to have such highly knowledgeable and motivated people working so hard to land the best possible director for our program!

Thank you.

Lastly, a big thank you goes out to all of the band parents who have tirelessly volunteered to not only make band camp run smoothly, but to ensure that I don’t spontaneously combust under the heavy load I’m working with.  I say this to everyone I meet:  We have THE BEST BAND FAMILY IN THE STATE.  The level of dedication from the parents in this program is all at once humbling and inspiring.  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and your efforts that go beyond the call of duty. 

I’ll just leave this here…  Get hyped!!! J

And for those new parents that have no idea why their child is so excited for Saturday – Check this link out.

Week 3 starts….right……NOW! Have a great week, everyone!!


Ballard Band,
Aug 3, 2015, 6:33 AM